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- About The Brand -



BARE PITS was inspired by more and more breast cancer stories.  I wanted women to understand why we should avoid antiperspirant deodorants and find something that works, feels good, and is healing.  This product truly is amazing and so moisturizing. It works and leaves your pits feeling nourished with natural vitamins and minerals. Hard to believe, but Bare Pits natural organic detox deodorant and vegan deodorant sprays are the best on the market. We make everything in small batches for quality control and us the best organic ingredients out there! Soon you will understand why BARE PITS organic products is the best natural detox deodorant that works.

Conventional deodorants/antiperspirants are loaded with irritating ingredients that aren’t necessarily good for your skin or the environment. This is how BARE PITS was born. It is nourishing, detoxifying, moisturizing, and fights armpit odor. After a long period of trial, I have found all natural and organic ingredients that do the job and that are beneficial. 


Why Essential Oils?

Each essential oil has its own therapeutic healing, and balancing properties. That's why I love adding them into my product. I use organic essential oils which your pits will feel the difference.

 The oils are of the highest quality of oils not blended with any chemicals or toxins. Our oils exercise quality control from the botanical seeds planted to cultivating, harvesting, and distilling. The oils are made with caution, care, and ethical guidelines in each step from seed germination, nurturing, and reaping the grown plants at just the right stage of growth. This care produces a wonderful product that is delivered to you in your deodorant and detox. 

Why Infused Gardenia & Floral Wax 


If you choose infused Gardenia, you are in for a treat.

  • This oil is traditionally produced in harmony with nature on the beautiful coral shores of the Polynesian islands by soaking frangipani flowers in coconut oil.

  • It provides superior moisturization and leaves the skin feeling satin smooth as it absorbs deeply into the skin scented with the exotic aroma of frangipani flower of the gods.

  • Pure, exotic, intoxicating oil from Tahiti. A Fragrance like nothing else in nature. ($5 extra)


If you choose EXOTIC JASMINE TEA made with organic floral wax not essential oils, you will feel like you are on a vacation

  • jasmine sambac floral wax provides the exotic and sensual aroma of Jasmine.

  • Organic floral waxes are plant waxes made from delicate flowers in order to retain their fragrance. 

  • It is more expensive because of its process and high quality ($5)


Why is Bare Pits different than other natural deodorants?


Bare Pits was created especially for sensitive skin. It is hand made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients and organic essential oils. It makes your pits and you feel good and nourished. NO BAKING SODA! The best natural organic deodorant and deodorant spray!

It works naturally with your body! It doesn't clog pores so it allows you to detox while Bare Pits natural deodorant stick or magnesium deodorant spray neutralizes odor.


My armpits turned dark when i tried other natural deodorants, does Bare Pits do that?


NO! Most natural deodorants have baking soda. 

Baking soda can cause a rash because of its alkaline pH. The pH of sodium bicarbonate is around 8.3
Neutral pH is 7
Skin friendly solutions are between pH 4.5 - pH 5.5

 IF it's used at too high of a concentration. Also, at too high of a concentration it can be abrasive and cause discolorations. 

Is it an antiperspirant?

It is the best of in the natural world. If you start to become a little wet, the formula absorbs your moisture quickly and still leaves you smelling fresh.

How do I apply?

It's easy! When using our jars, remove the product using the enclosed spatula, and warm a small, pea-sized amount between the fingers to soften completely before applying.

When using our sticks, hold under the arm momentarily to soften upon contact with body heat before gently applying a thin, even layer. Start small, and use less than you might be used to with conventional products. You may need to use fingers to rb in all the way like lotion. 

A Little Goes A Long Way!

How long does it last?

Our full-size products generally last 2-3 months when used every day. 1oz travel-size deodorants last about 3-5 weeks. Bare Pits  product lasts up to twice as long as conventional alternatives.

Since I am switching to natural, what should i start with?

Congratulations on your decision to go natural with Bare Pits. We suggest you get the weekly pit detox to help you transition by pulling out your toxins and heavy metals. Then you can get regular or extra strength depending on how much you typically sweat. You can also get a travel size in either. 

Give yourself some time for full detox and you will sweat less and have less odor.


The 3 piece pit kit or 4 piece magnesium pit kit has your armpits covered. 

What is the shell life?

Our products have a shelf life of about 8 months unopened and roughly 6 months after being opened. 

I have Hyperhidrosis , can BARE PITS help me?


YES! Our detox pit paste will help detox your pits which will help you on a daily basis. The extra strength deodorant with bentonite clay food grade will absorb moisture and leave you with minerals that will help fight this condition.

Bare Pits magnesium enriched or magnesium deodorant spray will definitely help with sweat. 

Why should I use the HOLY PIT BUTTER?

HOLY PIT BUTTER is the most amazing blend or organic butters with organic coconut oil and organic essential oils to heal any skin irritations instantly. Best used at night after you wipe your pits. It provides a blend of natural vitamins A, C, E, F, fatty acids and collagen.

Will the natural deodorant sprays work?

Bare Pits natural vegan deodorant sprays are the most amazing blend of ingredients to detox your pits, soothe your skin, and make you smell fresh. You will be surprised how well this formula works and a bonus with the healing stone.

Will it stain my clothes?

Bare Pits products do not stain clothes. I researched a long tome to make sure and use ingredients that will not stain. Everything will wash off!

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