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Learn how to use Bare Pits organic pt care line for sensitive skin to have light, nourished, and odor free armpits. All organic and food grade ingredients for our sensitive pits. Treat them like your face. ALUMINUM & BAKING SODA FREE!


|Bare Pits

Donating 10% of all sales to "Barbells for Boobs" for one month. This amazing charity organization fundraisers for those who can't afford the system and is also a support for those who need it. Bare Pits is proud to help how we can!


|Bare Pits

FREE GIFT on orders over $40! This is the best skin exfoliating mitt that will unclog your pores and give you baby soft skin. Bare Pits provides the best organic armpit and skin care!


|Bare Pits

Using Bare Pits pit detox paste weekly will help remove product build up and toxins, remove bacteria, and balance your PH. Plus all of our pit detox paste smell AMAZING with organic essential oils. Made for sensitive skin, NO baking soda.


Do you know the scientific reason behind why every individual likes different smells? Each organic essential oil carries it's own property and Bare Pits loves using the BEST in our organic pit care and natural deodorant.


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Aside from using Bare Pits natural organic detox deodorant and vegan magnesium deodorant spray, try cleaning your armpits with a slice of lemon to naturally kill all bacteria and restore PH in your pits once a week.


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The one and only natural magnesium detox deodorant spray that keeps your armpit odor away. Just SHAKE & SPRAY! Amazing organic scents like lavender vanilla, lemon grapefruit, breathe, and passion fruit. Get your daily dose of magnesium in your natural deodorant today.


|Bare Pits

Why adding magnesium into your daily natural deodorant will keep you stink and odor free and give you a daily dose of magnesium. Try BARE PITS magnesium enriched infused gardenia, Simply the best!


|Bare Pits

Learn why women and men have different armpit odor and what you can do about it. Get rid of that stink and balance the PH of your pits naturally.


|Bare Pits

This is why Bare Pits is the best natural deodorant, infused gardenia oil with NO baking soda, NO aluminum, NO chemicals..just pure exotic aromas in your daily deodorant. Organic pit care at its best.

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