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Do you want to heal your dry skin, irritations and moisturize instantly? Holy Pit Butter made with organic butters will heal and nourish all your skin irritations instantly..


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11 Facts to Know about armpit odor..Make the switch to Bare Pits and use code 2018 to get 10% off your order..Get rid of armpit odor, stop perspiration, smell fresh, detox daily..


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Learn how to follow Bare Pits 4 step process with it's organic pit care line to detox your pits and use the best natural deodorant out there! Pit Detox Paste, Detox Natural Deodorant, Pit Refresher Spray, Holy Pit ..


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Wipe your pits...HMM..sounds strange, I know. If you think about it makes complete sense. We tone and cleanse our face to remove build up and it's the same for our pits. Wiping them will allow Bare Pits natural organic detox deodorant to work at full capacity.

Your deodorant works to help kill bacter...


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We all know that the natural deodorant journey can sometimes be tough, always looking for "the one". The process may give you pit skin irritations, red rashes, itchy spots? Would you like a little extra protection? Look no further, I have created the perfect formula with the highest quality organic...


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I have just added TUBEROSE to Bare Pits products because of its amazing scent and benefits. If you had no idea what it is, you will fall in love. There's no better aroma.

The health benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an aphrodisiac, deodorant, relaxing, sedative...


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Learn why BAKING SODA may be causing you to have discoloration, red rashes, a PH imbalance, and onion armpit odor. Bare Pits organic pit care line will heal your skin and last all day. Organic essential oils in heavenly aromas! TRY TODAY!


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It is definitely hard to find an all natural deodorant and with organic ingredients, but look no further. Bare Pits was created just for you and your sensitive pits. Feel The Difference!


|Bare Pits

Do you think you smell worse with natural deodorant? Are you sweating more? It isn't the deodorant, it is your pits detoxing from the years of build-up. Toxic deodorant blocks your glands from releasing the toxins through sweat... Read more below!

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Natural Deodorant & Organic Pit Care .. Bare Pits is offering FULL SPECTRUM 150mg CBD hemp healing body salve

November 8, 2018

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