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Because of the occlusive nature of the mask, your breathing is trapped, creating a humid environment for your skin. “The wearers are sweating underneath the masks, and this causes friction, leading to pressure damage on the nose and cheeks,” says Professor Karen Ousey, one of the authors of the paper. “There can be tears to the skin as a result, and these can lead to potential infection.”


Bare Pits has created the perfect blend of organic oils that are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, antiinflammatory, and antibacterial properties that heal and treat skin irritantions, acne, and dermatitis. Our products can also be used daily for glowing, rejuvenated, and moisturized skin. 


Apply Bare Pits Organic Face mask healing oil at night and in the morning as much as needed ( for day use apply 30 minutes before wearing a mask to create a protective barrier between the mask and your face to reduce friction)


Ingredients: organic apricot kernel oil, organic grapeseed oil, organic fractionated coconut oil, organic sea buckthorn oil


Organic Apricot Kernel Oil: Apricot kernel oil is cold pressed and refined from the dried kernels of the apricot fruit.  Sought out for its high vitamin E content and skin softening properties, apricot kernel oil is known for its ability to penetrate the skin without leaving an oily feel.    Rich in essential fatty acids like oleic and linoleic acid, apricot kernel oil is high in vitamin A. Since it easily penetrates the skin, it is good oil for prematurely aged, dry or irritated skin. Vitamins A & C are good for mature dry or sensitive skin. The apricot kernel oil helps skin retain elasticity, clarity, and suppleness.  It helps to calm the inflammation / irritation of eczema and dermatitis.


Organic Grape Seed Oil

The oil is extracted without solvents or any kind of chemical processing and is obtained by cold pressing followed by a thorough filtration, maintaining the components of the oil.


This oil is an important source of antioxidants, nutrients that traps the free radicals generated by the skin lipids. The high contents of omega 6 fatty acids can assist with skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It is rapidly absorbed by the skin.


Grape-seed oil is therefore particularly useful for those who struggle with inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea or eczema, or who simply have sensitive skin.


Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil:

It has antibacterial properties, which help in strengthening the skin barrier and fight many types of skin infections including acne, cellulitis, folliculitis and athlete’s foot caused by bacteria or fungi.


Its antimicrobial properties deem it a helpful medium for killing bacteria on the skin and reducing inflammation. Its high concentration of linoleic acid, an unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid, also renders it an emollient and skin soother.


Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil:

From the salty sea coasts of the European Atlantic, to the semi-deserts of Central Asia and North America, to the subalpine mountains of the Himalayas, sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides)grows around the globe.


The plant’s long silvery leaves and bright orange berries are loaded with essential fatty acids and vitamins, along with an abundant of active ingredients including:

Vitamin C, E, B, Beta carotene, Citric acid, Malic acid, Anthocyanins (a type of flavonoid and class of compound with antioxidant effects),Palmitoleic acid (a component of skin lipids which stimulates the regenerative processes in the epidermis layer of the skin)


What are the benefits of sea buckthorn?


Sea buckthorn oil has long been used to protect and revitalize skin, and modern studies support the efficacy of the plant. Some noted benefits for skin include:

  • Stimulating skin regeneration

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Promoting skin elasticity

  • Preventing dryness

  • Improving blood circulation

  • Removing excess toxins

The berries from the Sea Buckthorn plant actually contain up to a whopping 12 times the amount of Vitamin C in Oranges! This makes it great for brightening the skin and evening out any pigmentation or age spots. Sea Buckthorn contains over 20 minerals and 60 antioxidants, 3 times more Vitamin A than Carrots and a potent amount of Vitamin E too. In case that wasn't enough goodness packed into the one ingredient, Sea Buckthorn also contains fatty acids and Omegas 3, 6, 9 and 7. Thanks to all those vitamins and minerals, Sea Buckthorn can promote the overall health of the skin by boosting elasticity, hydration and inflammation, as well as fighting acne-causing bacteria



Lavender: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antispasmodic. Lavender is used for burns, scrapes cuts and wounds. Use a drop of Lavender oil on cut to stop bleeding, clean wounds, and kill bacteria.


Rosehip seed: It moisturizes your skin. ...It's anti-aging. ...brightens skin. ...may promote healing. ...antibacterial. ...helps reduce skin pigmentation. ...fights acne. ...


Passion fruit: antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamin A, vitamin C, riboflavin, niacin, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, fiber, and protein. The quercetin in Passion Fruit oil is considered to be one of the most powerfully protective compounds known and offers numerous beneficial compounds, including potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.


Coffee Blend:

Helichrysum – Is widely used in anti-aging products, it is favored for preventing wrinkles and sagging, and rejuvenating the look of older skin. It is used to help diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes and soothe blemishes.

Coffee – The antioxidants found in coffee essential oil can help to reduce oxidative stress in the skin, increasing blood flow to those cells and preventing infections and chronic disease. This oil will also help counter the appearance of wrinkles, age spots and blemishes, while also improving elasticity of the skin. 

Neroli – One of the most popular properties of Neroli essential oil is its ability to care for the skin. It makes the skin smooth, free from infections and adds a glamorous glow. It also helps to maintain the right moisture and oil balance in the skin.

Ylang Ylang – Regularly found in over-the-counter products and cosmetics, Ylang Ylang oil can help speed the regenerative process of the skin as cells die and slough off. This thinning of the skin makes it easier for wrinkles to develop and skin to sag. 

Lavender – Used to treat various skin conditions such as wrinkles, acne, psoriasis as well as other inflammatory afflictions, and is commonly used to speed the healing process of wounds, burns, cuts and sunburns. It also helps regenerate skin cells and lighten the appearance of scars and age spots.

Orange – Reduces inflammation, tones and is uplifting to the senses.


For the 3 Step process to heal skin irritations die to continue use of face masks please read our BLOG. 

Bare Pits Body Organic Face Mask Healing Oil..Skin Irritations & Dermatitis 1oz

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