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PURE--INTOXICATING--INVIGORATING--When it comes to the exotic aroma of Tahiti and true Tiare oil from French Polynesia, this is the only 100% raw and natural body oil. This is why we love it in our natural deodorant and HOLY pit butter. Why you will fall in love with everything that this infused organic coconut oil will offer you:

  • True scent, fabulous for skin, hair, face
  • Nature's natural perfume.
  • No scent comes close to this true natural product
  • Non-greasy, leaves skin satin smooth
  • Makes hair shine and gives DEEP conditioning
  • Heals skin

This truly exotic body oil is quickly absorbed to provide superior moisturization for dry, parched or mature skin. Monoi oil is traditionally produced in harmony with nature on the beautiful coral shores of the Polynesian islands by soaking Tiare' flowers in coconut oil. Before the blossoms open, they are picked by hand, they are steeped in oil for no less than 15 days. The time-consuming process slowly releases the flower’s unique properties for use in perfumery.


Provides superior moisturization free radical protection for dry skin leaves the skin feeling satin smooth can be used on the hair, nails and feet as a conditioning treatment absorbs deeply into the skin scented with the exotic aroma of Tiare' flower of the gods. Also our body oil is rich in Vitamin E and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.


In its true form-solid in cold temp and semi/liquid in warmer temps. No additives. Extra Virgin coconut Oil infused with Tahitian Tiare flowers. That's it! Use on and in everything for added moisturizing and hydration on skin. Super shine for hair. A Fragrance like nothing else in nature. If you would like us to add our organic essential oils, let us know... some like it with vanilla or rose.


Our easy application will allow you to control the amount you pump. Pump and use on body as needed. Amazing on sensitive skin....that's what Bare Pits is all about. 




"I use the oil on my hair when soaking wet. I have thick curly hair, so I use about five pumps and concentrate it mostly from my nape to ends. I also use it at night on my face. It leaves both my hair and skin super soft, and the smell is unbeatable."


Bare Pits Body Organic Infused Gardenia Tiare Coconut EXOTIC Body Oil 2oz

  • Keep at room temperature and away from direct sunglight or it will melt.

  • If your oil gets harder you can run the bottle in warm water to soften.

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