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Bare Pits FOR SENSITIVE SKIN has options that work for each body's chemistry. This 4PC natural magnesium pit kit and healing butter set is all you need to take care of your armpits the right way and stay stink free. FREE OF baking soda, aluminum, toxins, chemicals, dyes. 


Whether you have tried other natural deodorants and have an armpit rash or you just haven't found a natural deodorant that works the way it should, this set fullfills all your needs. 


One of our latest reviews "I have become a Bare Pits devotee. This is a product that REALLY WORKS! The owner of Bare Pits is very responsive to feedback, and tweaks the formula to solve any issues. I have used the solid deodorant , and the spray detox deodorant. ALSO, the Holy Pit Butter is more than for use on pits...try this on your face and will be amazed.! The ingredients used are the best available. Vegan!!


Here is what is included in this 4PC magnesium enriched and healing pit kit:


You can click on each product individually to lean more.

  1. Vegan Magnesium Detox Deodorant Spray 4oz gives you a daily dose of magnesium while completely neutralizing odor. It works and is cooling. Just shake and spray. Up to 24 Hour stink protection. Some like to even spray this light formula at night after a shower. Ingredients safe enough even for your face. Lasts up to 4 months.
  2. Natural Organic Detox Magnesium Enriched Deodorant Stick 2.2oz is our new and imroved moisturizing formula that combats odor and is enriched with magnesium. You can choose regular or extra strength. Lasts 6-8 weeks. 
  3. Natural Pit Cleansing Serum 2oz is wonderful to use a few times a week to remove build up and bacteria that causes excess odor. This gives your armpits a fresh start & allows natural deodorant work its best. Lasts 6-8 weeks. 
  4. HOLY Pit Butter  1oz is high quality organic (mango, kokum, and shea) butter and organic coconut oil to heal any skin irritations you may have. Packed with essential vitamins and collagen. 


Other pit care products that all work together

Other natural pit  products that work together

MIRACLE SOAP (lye free) kills bacetrai and rejuvinates skin

Roll On Pit Detox Mask

CBD Full Spectrum Balm (for pain)


If you choose infused gardenia or exotic jasmine tea you will be blown away that there is such a heavenly natural deodorant on the market. Please choose a different scent for your spray in the note section because it will separate.


If you choose infused Gardenia, you are in for a treat.

  • This oil is traditionally produced in harmony with nature on the beautiful coral shores of the Polynesian islands by soaking frangipani flowers in coconut oil.
  • It provides superior moisturization and leaves the skin feeling satin smooth as it absorbs deeply into the skin scented with the exotic aroma of frangipani flower of the gods.
  • Pure, exotic, intoxicating oil from Tahiti. A Fragrance like nothing else in nature. ($5 extra)


If you choose EXOTIC JASMINE TEA made with organic floral wax not essential oils, you will feel like you are on a vacation

  • jasmine sambac floral wax provides the exotic and sensual aroma of Jasmine.

  • Organic floral waxes are plant waxes made from delicate flowers in order to retain their fragrance. 

  • It is more expensive because of its process and high quality ($5)


VANILLA ROSE DREAM..Made with organic essential oils is a one of a kind synergy $5 extra


Comes with a FREE GIFT (the best korean skin exfoliater). You can use everywhere on you skin to exfoliate with your body wash and and also to remove your pit detox in the shower. You will also receive several samples of different scent options for you tro try.


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You will not be disappointed. It's great to have options for your pits and switch between spray and stick. Trust others, you will fall in love with Bare Pits. 

Bare Pits Natural Magnesium Deodorant Spray & Stick, Pit Butter & Pit Cleansing

Organic Scent
Type of Application
  • Apply to underarms and make sure to absorb into pits like lotion. A little goes a long way! If you prefer the stick, you can put in the fridge to harden anytime and it will not change the effect of the deodorant. Use within 6 months because it does have food grade ingredients.

  • Because BARE PITS is coconut oil based it can get softer under 76 degrees. You can put it in the fridge to make it solid again and it will not change the effect of your deodorant.

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