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Finally a holistic deodorant that works naturally, doesn't cause armpit irritations, or make you smell worse. It is an organic detox deodorant that has options that will work for your sensitive armpits. 





Bare Pits is made with natural, organic and food grade ingredients to keep you dry and odor free, especially for sensitive skin. This proprietary formula with clay absorbs moisture, kills odor, and nourishes your pits.


"I've been using this a few months, I got it from my friends store in Yorba Linda, I am so impressed! Other natural deodorants burned my skin causing it to flake and get dark then peel! This one works without any irritation and it smells so awesome! I have tried it all, and this is way beyond what I thought underarm care could accomplish. Thank you for changing my life and allowing me to be more confident Bare Pits!!!!"


Imagine a daily natural detox deodorant that feels amazing, works, and smells wonderful.




If you choose infused Gardenia, you are in for a treat.

  • This oil is traditionally produced in harmony with nature on the beautiful coral shores of the Polynesian islands by soaking frangipani flowers in coconut oil.
  • It provides superior moisturization and leaves the skin feeling satin smooth as it absorbs deeply into the skin scented with the exotic aroma of frangipani flower of the gods.
  • Pure, exotic, intoxicating oil from Tahiti. A Fragrance like nothing else in nature. ($5 extra)


VANILLA ROSE DREAM..Made with organic essential oils is a one of a kind synergy $5 extra


INGREDIENTS: organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic arrowroot powder, organic beeswax, diatomaceous earth food grade, vegan grapefruit seed extract,  kaolin clay, organic essential oils, and 100% LOVE


You can choose regular or extra strength depending on the amount you sweat. Regular is

made with kaolin clay and extra is made with bentonite clay food grade (has high absorption power).


special organic essential oil blends for you


If you have more odor, don't worry try Bare Pits magnesium enriched deodorant option that will completely neutralizes odor and give you a daily dose of magnesium.


Do you like a light and easy application?

Bare Pits magnesium detox deodorant spray is a great option to have to spray over deodorant, at night to wake up fresh, before or after a workout,

or mid day. Customers #1 favorite natural deodorant spray that can even be sprayed on your feet!


Packed in a 2.2oz twist up: USA Produced – Guaranteed quality BPA FREE deodorant tube.


 If you would like to try a kit that offers Bare Pits most popular products try our 3PC Starter Pit Kit or our 4PC Magnesium Healing Pit Kit.


IT REALLY WORKS!!  Swipe pits and if any extra is on the side you can rub it in. You dont need to wash your hands, you can rub into hands for extra moisture, there is nothing harnful in the best Bare Pits natural deodorant!


Give yourself a week to a few months to adjust and soon you won't be able to live without the nourishment and detoxifying effects of BARE PITS. Please read my blog on why we should wipe our pits to understand how it will help your natural deodorant work its best for you.


My deodorants have been formulated to be completely non-toxic

  • containing no harmful chemicals or additives
  • no aluminum, parabens, sulfates, phthalates
  • no petroleum, phosphates, DEA, or dyes
  • no synthetic, artificial, or genetically modified ingredients


Instead, our deodorants are organic and everything is assembled by hand!

Bare Pits Natural Organic Detox BPA FREE Deodorant 2.2oz Stick REG/XTRA

Organic Scent
  • Apply to underarms and make sure to absorb into pits like lotion. A little goes a long way! If you prefer the stick, you can put in the fridge to harden anytime and it will not change the effect of the deodorant. Use within 6 months because it does have food grade ingredients.
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