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Bare Pits products are about detox for sensitive skin. Since most of our toxins can be pulled out from our feet and our pits, I created this heavenly blend organic mineral foot detox soak that awakens your body. You can get the 6PC gift set to try many of Bare Pits products. Organic mineral salt soak not only detoxes your feet, it also provides 84 trace minerals absorbed back into our body.  A foot soak will pull out toxins and make you feel light and grounded.


It is made with the highest quality organic ingredients. Comes in 3 scents:

  • Holiday Thieves (Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary)
  • Spearmint Eucalyptus
  • Breathe (Lemon, Lavender, peppermint)


This gift set includes:

  1. 16 oz Natural organic mineral salt foot detox soak, scented with organic essential oils (ingredients: organic himalayan salt, organic dead sea mineral salt, epsom salt, magnesium flakes, organic kelp powder, organic chamomile powder, organic tea (green, rose buds, and lavender) organic essential oils)
  2. Bare Pits refresher spray 2oz (kills bacteria causing odor)
  3. Samples of regular and extra strength deodorant
  4. Jasmine & Honey candle
  5. Korean skin exfoliating hand mit


It comes gift wrapped and is such an amazing set that you will fall in love, feel the difference and quality of Bare Pts!


These are some of the beneficial minerals found in the salts:


 CALC FLUOR [Calcium Fluoride]

This mineral salt is found in bones and tooth enamel. It helps maintain tissue elasticity and is useful in cracked skin, muscle or ligament injuries, haemorrhoids, varicose veins and adhesions after surgery.

 CALC PHOS  [Calcium Phosphate]

This salt is nutritive for bones and teeth, supplies new blood cells and initiates growth. It is useful during growth phases like teething and puberty, when recovering from fractures and old age. It is helpful in treating orthopaedic and menstrual pains, anaemia and a weak constitution.

 CALC SULPH [Calcium Sulphate]

It acts like a blood purifier and helps remove decaying cells. It is hence useful in treating ulcers, fissures, abscesses, boils and pimples. It is also prescribed in chronic infections.

 FERRUM PHOS [Ferrum Phosphoricum or Phosphate of iron]

It is useful in the initial stage of fever or in conditions that involve inflammation. It is especially useful in anaemia, loss of appetite and weakness in children. It helps build resistance power.

 KALI MUR [Potassium Chloride]

This salt helps in treating infections at a later stage and is also a decongestant. It is used in respiratory infections like sore throat, sinusitis, middle ear infection, tonsillitis and bronchitis. It is also useful in treating glandular swelling.

 KALI PHOS [Potassium Phosphate]

This salt is critical for nerve and brain health and is called the nerve tonic. It is suggested for stress-related problems, excessive irritability, temper tantrums, anxiety, depression and sleep troubles.

 KALI SUPH [Potassium Sulphate]

This salt helps in skin problems with scaling like dandruff and crusts on eyelids. It is also used for treating severe infections.

 MAG PHOS [Magnesium Phosphate]

This remedy is useful in neuralgia [pain in the nerves], muscle cramps, convulsions, toothache or sensitive teeth and headache due to mental over work. It is a good remedy for gas-related abdominal pain and is often used to treat colic in newborns.

 NAT MUR [Sodium Chloride]

This salt regulates moisture in the cells and is useful in dry skin and nose. It also helps in conditions like cold with nasal discharge, watery eyes, oedema and problems caused by excess heat like headache and migraine.

 NAT PHOS [Sodium Phosphate]

It works with fatty acids and is useful in treating conditions like hyperacidity and indigestion, intestinal worms and rheumatic complaints.

 NAT SULPH [Sodium Sulphate]

This helps cure liver ailments, digestion problems, gallstones and skin eruptions with discharges. It also helps treat conditions that worsen in humid weather such as asthma.

 SILICEA [Silicon Oxide]

This helps in ailments related to bones, joints, glands, and skin. It is used to treat boils, styes, abscesses, fistulas and pus-forming conditions. It is also used to treat glandular swellings, tonsillitis, brittle nails and cracked nipples.


Bare Pits Natural Organic Mineral Salt Foot Detox Soak 16 oz, Pit Spray Gift Set

Organic Scent
Gift Set
Spray Scent
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