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People are falling in LOVE with our LOVE ROSE organic scent, so we have deicided to offer it to you in a 3ml essential oil dropper. You may just need one drop under each armpit to kill odor and smell fresh all day, seriously! You may us it as a fragrance as well and listen to all the compliments you will get. You may also use it on your face to heal and rejuvinate.


It is also our #1 most popular organic scent in our extra strength magnesium enriched deodorant. You may ask why? Why does it work so well naturally?


It is a romantic and uplifting combination of Sandalwood, Rose and Neroli essential oils. This calming yet aphrodisiacal blend will embrace you with its exotic floral bouquet and, has been described by our customers as a soft, spa type scent laced with roses, quite enticing!


  • Wear as a fragrance, adding a drop to your wrists, behind the ears or other points on the body.

  • Adding aromatherapy oils to your bath is an easy way to utilize their many benefits. Just add a few drops to your bathwater and agitate the water to disperse the oils before stepping into the tub.

  • Diffusers are also popular for aromatherapy. There are many types available and can be something as simple as a candle, dish, or electric.



Let's takle a look at each essential oil individually:



It takes two thousand roses to produce one ounce of it’s prized essential oil. Since rose scent is strong and its essence is costly, rose oil is ideally suited for blend applications. In fact, from it’s perennial place in mixed flower bouquets to its ubiquitous presence in perfumes, cosmetics and personal care products, rose has been blended with scents and natural ingredients for centuries!



Neroli essential oil is extracted from the soft, white blossoms of the Bitter Orange tree which are usually gathered by hand between April and May. It takes approximately 1000 pounds of Bitter Orange blossoms to make just one pound of Neroli oil. The tree is native to eastern Africa and tropical Asia but is now grown throughout the Mediterranean region as well as California and Florida. Neroli is one of the most widely used floral oils in perfumery, the aroma is sweet and ultra-feminine and blends well with most other oils.




Sandalwood Santalum album, or Indian sandalwood, is a small tropical tree, and is the most commonly known source of sandalwood. It is native to India, Indonesia, and the Malay Archipelago. Certain cultures place great significance on its fragrant and medicinal qualities. It is also considered sacred in some religions and is used in different religious traditions. The high value of the species has caused its past exploitation, to the point where the wild population is vulnerable to extinction. Indian sandalwood still commands high prices for its essential oil, but due to lack of sizable trees it is no longer used for fine woodworking as before. This class (or, genre) is heavy, yellow, fine-grained, and unlike most other aromatic wood, the fragrance is retained for decades hence, Sandalwood oil may slowly be extracted for use. Both the wood and the oil produce a distinctive fragrance that has been highly valued for centuries.



Bare Pits Organic LOVE ROSE Propietary Essential Oil Blend 3ml

  • Use under armpits to kill odor and smell fresh all day, put a drop behind your ear or on wrist to use as a fragrance, or drop into bath. FALL IN LOVE!

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