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One of the biggest steps to clean armpits is actually cleaning them as you do your face. Just like you use products on your face that needs to be cleaned at night, your armpits need the same care. Bare Pits alcohol free and aloe enriched cleansing serum spray will kill and remove bacteria causing odor and leave your pits feeling fresh and clean..ready for the next day.


Use this amazing pit cleansing serum spray 2-3 times a week for clean armpits always. You may notice that if you wipe in the morning you may be set for the day without any other natural deodorant.


INGREDIENTS: purified water, organic witch hazel extract, organic aloe vera leaf juice, vitamin E, organic grapeseed oil, vegan grapefruit seed extract, vegetable glycerin, citric acid, organic essential oils


Do you love the light feeling of a deodrant spray? TRY Bare Pits natural mineral detox deodorant spray


I am dedicated to provide you with an entire organic pit care line that has options that will work for you, every body is different. You wont be disappointed.


Use within 6 months.



Bare Pits Armpit Cleansing Alcohol Free Aloe Frosted Glass Serum Spray 2 oz

Organic Scent
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