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Why you shouldn't give up so fast on natural deodorant.

I have tried to make the switch from a toxic deodorant to the natural kind quite a few times in my life. But every time I tried, I would find myself sweating more than usual, and stinking up a room. What was going on? Does this sound familiar?

It makes sense that we don’t want to smell, but why would we subject ourselves to ingredients that do more harm than good? The parabens found in most deodorants have been linked to breast cancer, the aluminum compounds within deodorants can mimic estrogen, propylene glycol can cause delayed allergic reactions, along with kidney and liver damage, the triclosan is a possible carcinogen, and the list goes on.

“Research also shows that some compounds used in deodorant are absorbed and stored in fat cells, which are prevalent in the underarm area,” explains Philip Harvey, Ph.D., editor in chief of the Journal of Applied Toxicology. “Your underarm tissue also contains hormone receptors, which could react to some of those same deodorant ingredients.”

The skin is the body’s largest organ and what touches our skin can easily enter our bloodstream. With skyrocketing rates of breast cancer, it would seem prudent to avoid these chemicals until further research is done.

How many natural deodorants have you tried? Most make you sweat more and smell more. It becomes very uncomfortable and makes you want to give up.

So the BIG QUESTION, “Why does natural deodorant make you smell and sweat worse?” Here’s the short answer: Your body is detoxing.

Fortunately for you Bare Pits absorbs your moisture naturally, detoxes your pits, and makes you smell fresh!

The reason you smell is because bacteria live in your armpits and break down lipids and amino acids found in your sweat, turning them into substances that have a very particular odor.The bacteria killed off by deodorants allow bacteria that produce even more pungent odors to thrive.

When you choose to stop using deodorant, your sweat glands overcompensate for all that time spent being plugged up for so long. The result is increased perspiration.

So, the reality is, it isn't the lack of deodorant that makes you smell and sweat more, it is wearing it in the first place!

Knowing this should allow you to get through the detox period, and come out much healthier on the other side. Allow your pits to breathe! Start with your Bare Pits weekly detox paste, then choose either regular or extra strength Bare Pits detox deodorant with an organic scent you like, and stay refreshed with your Bare Pits pit refresher spray. Or get your 3 piece pit kit (FREE GIFT). You can also spray the refresher on a cotton pad to wipe your pits and remove any extra bacteria.

You can trust that I use 100% organic and natural food grade ingredients. The essential oils are even organic. I do not use baking soda because it is a big irritant to many and I add clays for an extra detox. Trust that BARE PITS will moisturize and nourish your pits.

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Putting endocrine-disrupting chemicals directly on top of lymph nodes in your armpit — major parts of your immune system — is a surefire way to mess with your hormones and suppress immune function. So the detox — the sweating and stinking — is totally worth it. Besides, it’s only a small period of time before you’re off the rough stuff for good and smelling just fine.


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