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Do You Know The Benefits of Tuberose?

I have just added TUBEROSE to Bare Pits products because of its amazing scent and benefits. If you had no idea what it is, you will fall in love. There's no better aroma.

The health benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties as an aphrodisiac, deodorant, relaxing, sedative, and warming substance.

Its flower has a beautiful fragrance, which is active at night, which is the only time that this flower blooms. Due to this, tuberose is popularly known as “Night Queen”, “Mistress of the Night”, or “Raat ki Raani”, as it known in Hindi. It grows well in Central America and India and is in high demand in the countries of the Indian Subcontinent, Middle East, and Africa in order to make perfume.

Its scientific name is Polianthes Tuberosa and its essential oil is extracted from its flowers by a solvent extraction method.

  • Health Benefits of Tuberose Essential Oil

  • Increases Libido

  • Eliminates Bad Odor

  • Relieves Stress & Anxiety

  • Sedates Inflammation

  • Increases Blood Circulation

Health Benefits Of Tuberose Essential Oil

Increases Libido

Justifying its romantic and sensual names that include “Night Queen” and “Mistress of the Night”, this oil behaves as an aphrodisiac. It is commonly used as an aphrodisiac both in aromatherapy as well as in herbal medicines. The very strong, intense, and intoxicating floral fragrance made with the Essential Oil of Tuberose fills the atmosphere with romance and builds an atmosphere of love.

Eliminates Bad Odor

I don’t think that I need to explain its deodorant properties. This essential oil, which is world famous for its use in perfumes, certainly doesn’t need any explanation about its function as a deodorant. The rich, intense, and long-lasting floral fragrance is an ideal choice for a deodorant, which is why it is so popular in countries with hot and humid climates, as they have to frequently deal with sweat and the resultant body odour.

Relieves Stress & Anxiety

The pleasant fragrance and various chemical components of this oil have relaxing effects on the brain, nerves, and the muscles. It calms people and gives relief from stress, tension, anxiety, depression, anger, nervous afflictions, convulsions, cramps, spasmodic coughs, and diarrhea.

Increases Blood Circulation

Tuberose Essential Oil stimulates and increases blood circulation throughout the body, thereby inducing a warming effect. This effect counters the feeling of cold in winters, keeps the respiratory system warm, prevents the deposition of phlegm and catarrh, increases activity, and also helps to cure sexual disorders.

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