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Tips & Tricks to Bare Pits Natural Deodorant and Organic Pit Care

As we become more aware of the reasons why we should all be using an all natural deodorant, the journey may not always be the best experience.

Here are a few reinforcements why you need Bare Pits natural deodorant, the best on the market!

  • A natural antiperspirant (ingredients that draw toxins and absorb moisture at the same time)

  • Made for sensitive skin

  • Aluminum, Paraben, Toxin FREE


  • Fragrance FREE

  • Organic essential oils = heavenly aromas

  • Extremely moisturizing and nourishing

  • Healing organic pit care

  • Great customer service

  • Made in small batches

I get so many emails, pictures, and listen to stories of how Native, Schmidts, Piperwai, Primal Pit Paste and other brands have caused infections, irritations, red itchy rashes, discoloration, sensitivity, and other reactions that make you want to just go straight back to Dove. However, once you have made that switch there is no going back. Your armpits know the difference.
After using a natural deodorant for a while, you will notice how light your skin is an open your pores are.

The best natural organic pit care line, Bare Pits was created to take care of every armpit need and almost every skin type. The best way to treat your armpits is to think of your face and pits in the same manner.

Below you will find the tips and tricks for using Bare Pits organic pit care to have light, nourished, and odor free armpits.

1) You need to detox your armpits to remove the buildup of bacteria, toxins, and just product. Using Bare Pits weekly pit detox paste once a week will reduce the amount you sweat and odor you have. Ingredients that soothe and heal at the same time!

It is really an important part of the natural process if you are not exercising and detoxing your body especially.

2) Choose Bare Pits regular or extra strength magnesium enriched deodorant as your daily or every other day deodorant. Make sure that the deodorant is absorbed into skin all the way to be the most effective.

You do not need to wash your hands because there are no bad ingredients, just rub into your hands for extra moisture.

3) Using Bare Pits refresher spray can help keep your armpits in check by killing the bacteria that causes odor. Great to keep in your purse.

4) Clean your armpits by spraying alcohol free Bare Pits cleansing serum spray on cotton pad and literally wiping your pits. This will remove all the bacteria that causes odor.

5) Miracle vegan magnesium detox deodorant spray is just shake and spray. This can be used as much as you like. There are absolutely no harsh ingredients, it is even a perfect kids natural deodorant.

Some spray their entire body and feet to remove odor instantly, cool the body, and heal the skin.

6) If you have any pit irritations from a previous natural deodorant use HOLY pit butter that is a blend of organic shea, mango, and kokum butter that will heal your skin instantly. You can also use this on dry areas of your skin, under eyes, cracked heels, red patches because it is packed with natural vitamins.

7) Detox your feet with Bare Pits foot detox soak because your feet are one of the largest exits for toxins. It also provides 84 trace minerals absorbed back into our body. A foot soak will pull out toxins and make you feel light and grounded.

8) Exercise and sweat as much as possible to detox and allow toxins to exit your pores.

9) Give yourself a day where you don't wear any deodorant just to let your pores breathe.

Our most popular scents are love rose, vanilla rose dream, vanilla orange, lavender vanilla, breathe, exotic jasmine tea, infused gardenia, and lemon grapefruit.

Bare Pits is an organic pit care line that has products which compliment each other, you just need to find what works best for your sensitive skin.

These are just a few points to remind you to stay away from conventional deodorant


Mainstream antiperspirant brands have aluminum as an active ingredient. This is what seals up the sweat ducts under your arms to keep you dry. You may not like sweating, but perspiration is a completely natural, healthy process that helps the body get rid of toxins. The aluminum in your antiperspirant prevents the toxins from being released, trapping them inside your body. Aside from interrupting a perfectly natural process, the aluminum in your antiperspirant/deodorant may also associated with increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.


The toxic chemicals found in your antiperspirant are endocrine disruptors. These substances affect how your body regulates hormones, which play a role in every bodily process from sleep to reproduction. Hormonal imbalances may also be contributed to the presence of pthalates, which have been linked to a decrease in testosterone in men and women.


The human body is home to tons of microbes--many of which fight off disease and maintain health. An antibacterial compound found in antiperspirant called triclosan is thought to negatively impact the human microbiome, which leaves you more susceptible to disease.


Conventional antiperspirant formulas also consist of toxic chemical like parabens, steareths, propylene glycol, artificial fragrances and other irritants. These substances have been linked to allergies, birth defects, infertility, tumors, cancer and disease.


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