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The most common question I get is about why should I use a natural deodorant.  People tell me they can’t live without their antiperspirant because they sweat so much or they work out a lot and they smell.  Their biggest complaint is that natural deodorants just don't work for them and keep trying everything on the shelf and wasting money.  Well guess what, there is hope with Bare Pits! 

Up to 100% of the products that you put on under your arms (as well as your scalp and private areas) absorb into your bloodstream within 26 seconds! So it is vital that we use the safest products in our armpits.


When switching to a natural deodorant:

1) Use the weekly pit detox paste 3 times the first week. Then 2 times the next week and then once a week. Once you are detoxed, use it as maintenance when you feel you need a detox. Your pits can detox quickly with the proper product.

Directions: Apply one or more hours before you shower and remove in the shower with warm water and soap.

(You can also use our Vegan Miracle Roll On Pit Detox Mask)

2) Choose regular or extra strength and magnesium enriched option for extra odor control daily Bare Pits natural organic detox deodorant. Apply and if needed rub in extra with fingers. You don't have to wash off, you can rub into your hands for extra moisture! (there are no harmful ingredients)

3) Use the 2 oz pit refresher spray as needed through the day to kill extra bacteria.

4)Wipe your pits by spraying our pit cleansing serum spray on a cotton pad to remove excess bacteria. This will help natural deodorant work its best.

OPTIONAL 5) Use Bare Pits Vegan Magnesium Detox Deodorant Spray before or after workout, through the day, at night, in the morning, or over your natural deodorant stick. This is an incredible formula that completely neutralizes odor and gives you a daily dose of magnesium (can be used on feet too)

6) Clean and wash armpits with Bare Pits black African natural organic soap. The best shave and cleansing soap on the market. Removes bacteria, cleanses pores, packed with natural vitamins and collagen. Clear skin.


Holy Pit Butter is really a miracle butter cream to have to heal any type of irritations you may have on pits or dry areas on the body, also helps moisturize wrinkles. Packed with natural vitamin A, C, E, F, collagen. 

THAT'S IT...You will notice over time you smell less and sweat less. Once you have gone through the process you may want to try are Pits 4 element deodorant detox spray with healing stones and clay. 

The 3 Pit Kit Set is only $40 and lasts over 2-3 months, it's a no brainer..

Our 4 Piece Magnesium Pit Kit is only $70 and has everything you need.. FREE SHIPPING

Can you imagine how light your pits will feel, getting a daily body detox, healing with organic essential oils, and smelling fresh? NO ALUMINUM,,NO BAKING SODA..ORGANIC INGREDIENTS YOU CAN TRUST..NO TOXINS..QUALITY CONTROL


Other helpful hints:

Wiping your pits really helps with natural deodorant.,,

To learn more about why natural deodorant is so important read below:

There are different types of sweat.  Most sweat is clear and not very stinky-its purpose is to cool down the body.  But stress, sex, hormones, and anger can cause body odor to smell.  However, there is a bigger issue:  pit bacteria.

Arm Pit Bacteria:

Just like your gut bacteria can change when taking antibiotics, your under arm bacteria micro biome can change from using toxic chemicals (antiperspirant and deodorant, soap, body wash).

  •  This can cause your sweat to stink even more.

  • Switching back and forth between your antiperspirant and a new natural deodorant could make the problem worse.

The Truth about Sweating:

Sweating is natural and we need to be able to sweat!

  •      Your body sweats to detoxify and cool down. When you try and stop your self from sweating you could be creating more long-term health problems.

  •       Natural deodorant doesn't stop you from sweating completely because sweating is a good thing!  But it can help you stink less and changing your pit bacteria may actually lessen the amount of sweat and odor!

Toxic Chemicals in most Antiperspirants and Deodorants:

What to avoid in conventional products and wh 

  • Aluminum– may be linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

             -Crystal/natural deodorants may still contain aluminum.  Look for Mineral salts or potassium alum.  

  •        Parabens – are endocrine disruptors; traces have been found in breast cancer tissue.

  •        Formaldehyde releasers –known carcinogen, usually not listed on ingredients but found in other ingredients because of how they are made .

  •        Fragrance (Parfum)-legally hides hundreds of chemicals under this term. 

              -Phthalates are in 75% of fragrance – are endocrine disruptors; linked to birth defects, infertility, breast cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism and ADHD. 

  •        Triclosan-(antibacterial substances) –a registered pesticide, is also an endocrine disruptor, interferes with the bodies thyroid hormone metabolism.  It has been shown to weaken muscles, including the heart.

  •        Propylene glycol – an antifreeze agent.  Linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive issues, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption and liver and kidney damage.

Now that you can understand why conventional deodorants such as Dove and others are harmful, the big question is, WHAT'S NEXT & WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT TO HAVE BARE PITS WORK FOR ME?..


If you begin to understand how Bare Pits natural organic detox deodorant & organic pit care line is a entire product line like a skin care process that will keep your pits clean, detoxed, fresh, and healthy then you will benefit from a natural daily detox product line that will work for you.


Arm Pit Detox Prep and tips:

Why do an arm pit detox?:

  •       Just simply switching to a non-toxic deodorant can cause problems for many people.  These issues can include: 

           - Excessive sweating


            -Strong body odor

This may make you give up, but you need to go through the detox process when switching..

  • Detoxing will help alleviate and shorten these symptoms.

  •        Detoxing will help eliminate some of the build up and chemicals in the body.

Helpful hints to help you detox:

  •        Drink lots of water to help flush toxins and avoid dehydration.

  •        Dry brush prior to showering to help detoxify and help lymph circulation.

  •        Try shaving at night and doing the detox or applying deodorant in the morning to reduce irritation.

  •        The chlorophyll in leafy vegetables (spinach, chard and kale) is what makes them a good defense against body odor. 

  •       Eating parsley can also help as it has natural odor fighting properties.

  •       Probiotics and probiotic-rich foods (fermented foods) are another way to ensure your microbiome is balanced and healthy.

  •       Try wearing loose, natural fibers so your body can breathe.

  •       Avoid toxic laundry detergents 

Bare Pits works amazing to help heal and detox everyone, especially women going through breast cancer treatment!

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