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Absorbs Moisture, Nourishes, Moisturizes, Kills Odor & Detoxes Pits


Welcome! You have found the BEST NATURAL ORGANIC DETOX DEODORANT & ORGANIC PIT CARE on the market.  The only natural antiperspirant that works and only ingredients you can trust! Quality control with small batches. NO Baking soda, no aluminum, no toxins, no parabens, no chemicals, vegan available, no fragrances, no dyes, no ingredients you can't understand. Every natural pit product I create, it's because I know the need for a natural deodorant that works.


Customers rave on how good their pits feel and how they can feel the quality of the products “I love it! Your deodorant is the only natural deodorant that doesn't give me a massive rash, turn my clothes white and seriously works. Never stop making it! I love the samples too!” Scented with organic essential oils.


Our organic pit care line includes pit detox paste,  vegan magnesium detox deodorant spray  (#1 favorite to all), holy pit butter, natural organic deodorant, pit refresher sprays, and more, all made with so much love by us! Feel comfortable knowing that Bare Pits will take care of you and your pits, I promise.  We also are proud to present our Bare Pits body collection and CBD full spectrum healing body balms. 


ORGANIC DEODORANT: Make sure to apply underarms and let absorb into skin like lotion for best results.  A little goes a long way. Get moisturized and nourished instantly.

WEEKLY PIT DETOX PASTE can be used once or twice a week to get a complete pit and skin detox. Apply 1 hour before you shower and wash off with soap  and warm water. Feel fresh instantly! You can also use a pea size amount and rub in all the way as your daily deodorant, works wonders! Our Bare Pits refresher spray on a cotton pad also removes it very easily.

BARE PITS REFRESHER SPRAY can be sprayed as needed. This formula will kill bacteria causing odor and soothe skin instantly. Rose is most popular but we can customize any essential oil scent! It also helps to remove your weekly detox paste easily. Use this spray on a cotton pad a few times a week to wipe your pits and remove bacteria.

Please check our essential oil blends page to see what will work for you.  BARE PITS has come up with the perfect blends that heal our bodies and fight odor. The essential oils are organic and therapeutic grade, your pits will feel the difference.

INFUSED GARDENIA is a special coconut oil from Tahiti that has been infused with the gardenia flower, creating the most aromatic natural fragrance. You can get this in your daily deodorant and TRUST me, you will be addicted the aroma. 

If you are new to a natural product you will most likely go through the "detox phase".  

It is important to understand what this means so you don't give up. 

You can read my BLOG, to learn more about the difference and how good Bare Pits natural organic pit products are for you!

Please give yourself some time (3 days to 3 months for full detox) to let your body adjust to natural deodorant. You will learn what the new normal is. Your wetness will get absorbed and as time goes on you will smell and sweat less. 

All ingredients do not come from animals, everything is plant based and food grade. The most natural antiperspirant..Natural ingredients that help stop perspiration and keep you smelling fresh! Prevent the risk of breast cancer with this amazing natural deodorant for sensitive skin...ALUMINUM FREE..BAKING SODA FREE...TOXIN FREE..CHEMICAL FREE...PARABEN FREE


Check our retailers page to find a store near you

Don't want to run out, don't sweat it, let's me know how often you need it! 

 You can call me at 949-229-6118 with any questions!

I offer 100% money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason you can keep the product and we will refund you. You only loose shipping cost, but I guarantee you will love Bare Pits!

BARE PITS was created for women to be more aware of the dangers in conventional deodorants that have been linked to Alzheimer's and breast cancer from aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants. It is made with lots of love to keep you feeling good.

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